Adopted by President’s Cabinet 03/22/2016
Revisions Adopted by President's Cabinet 6/14/22

This policy addresses non-employee travel to include students, consultants, and individuals applying for a job at the institution. Travel expenses for non-employees should be limited to certain circumstances as described below:

  1. Students authorized to travel for participation in academic programs and sanctioned student events to include athletic and recruiting events. Students include individuals enrolled to take classes at an institution, including students enrolled in non-credit courses and programs, and individuals being recruited as potential students. 
  2. Individuals contracted to perform a service for the institution where the contract provides for travel expense reimbursement.
  3. Research, academic conference, or academic event travel funded by a grant award to the institution in those instances when the grant award specifically authorizes payment for non-employee travel in support of research, academic conference, or academic event.
  4. Job applicant travel expense reimbursement is only for President’s Cabinet and faculty applicants and must be approved by the President. The job candidate will be required to perform a service to the institution, such as a presentation on subject matter applicable to the position applied for, prior to being eligible for travel expense reimbursement. Any exceptions to this policy shall be pre-approved by the President.

Note: Reimbursement of authorized travel expenses is subject to the allowable limits and conditions as detailed in the EGSC Travel Policy.

All travel expenses in these categories should be charged to the appropriate account and properly documented using a travel expense form designed for that purpose.