Adopted by President’s’ Cabinet 7/30/19

East Georgia State College recognizes its role as a premier employer in the region, offering unique student internship experiences for a variety of college students in a safe and healthy work environment. EGSC is committed to providing quality work experiences related to the student’s major to ensure each intern experiences applied knowledge in the work setting. EGSC is also committed to providing a professional environment for observational learning opportunities necessary to assist students in deciding whether they have chosen the right vocation. EGSC is also dedicated to providing valuable human relations experiences in a professional environment to ease a student’s transition into professional life.

Scope and Timing - Many EGSC units utilize student interns to assist with temporary staffing needs, to provide a positive learning environment for the student intern and to provide positive role models for EGSC students. This policy sets forth the procedure for the request, screening, approval and duties associated with hosting a student intern at EGSC. EGSC Human Resources/ Career Services Office will have primary responsibility for receiving internship requests, ensuring that the policy requirements are met and will maintain records of the student intern application records as described herein. The internship process requires close collaboration between designated individuals at EGSC and the institution of higher education where the student is currently enrolled (home institution) and appropriate documentation of the arrangement prior to and during the internship. Student interns are generally required to complete a certain number of intern hours over the course of the semester, with periodic evaluation occurring at agreed upon intervals. Due to this time sensitive structure, it is imperative that EGSC, the student and the student’s home institution collaborate to begin the process several weeks in advance of the planned internship start date.

Identification of Need by Unit Head or Student Request - an internship hosted by EGSC may arise from the identification of need by the EGSC unit. In such case, the unit head or designee solicits the appropriate department of an institution of higher education describing the need and making a request for a student intern. In some cases, faculty or staff at the home institution informs the student of an internship requirement and the student makes a direct request for internship to EGSC. All requests for internships hosted by EGSC should be made in close collaboration with to the Office of Human Resources.

When considering a student intern, the EGSC unit head or designee and the student’s academic advisor confer concerning the student’s academic background, internship duties and experiences, and EGSC’s needs and suitability to host the intern, which includes but is not limited to:

    • Defining the duties and scope of work of the student intern, including the work expectations and experiences necessary for academic credit;
    • Determining the eligibility of the student intern based on appropriate screenings and trainings; and
    • Determine if an MOU is in place between EGSC and the relevant department of the student’s institution by consulting with EGSC Legal Affairs.

Making the Request - If EGSC’s need matches the internship’s requirements and adequate supervision of the intern can be provided by EGSC, the EGSC unit head or designee will complete and submit the Request for Student Internship Form to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Legal Counsel and the Director of Human Resources with required documents attached.

Required Documentation for the Request – The EGSC Unit Head is responsible for acquiring the documentation required by this policy and submitting it for consideration with the request. This includes:

    • Home Institution Application- The student intern’s application and other supporting documents that were submitted to the student’s home institution must be obtained by the EGSC Unit Head and provided as part of the Request.
    • Criminal Background Check – All students must have an acceptable criminal background check conducted within a one-year period prior to the internship application to cover the student’s internship period. The student must consent to and pass a criminal background check through EGSC Human Resources prior to internship start date.
    • Minors on Campus Training: All students must have Minors on Campus training completed within a one-year period prior to the internship application to cover the student’s internship period. The student must complete this training at EGSC Human Resources prior to start date.
    • Prior EGSC Student or Prior EGSC Employee: All proposed interns will be reviewed by EGSC Human Resources to determine if they are a prior student or employee.
    • Memorandum of Understanding: A Memorandum of Understanding between EGSC and the student’s home institution is necessary to establish the internship and describe the roles, responsibilities, liabilities and duties of all parties. The EGSC Unit Head must consult with EGSC Legal Affairs to determine if a current MOU between the institutions covers the proposed internship, or whether a new MOU is needed. The EGSC Unit Head must indicate whether a MOU is needed with the student’s home institution. If a MOU is needed, the Unit Head and designee understand that this could take several weeks to obtain signatures.

The student may not begin the internship until the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Legal Counsel and Human Resources have approved the request, all documentation required by this policy is in place and the student has passed all screening and training requirements.

EGSC Unit Head duties - After the student internship is approved, the EGSC Unit Head or designee is responsible for the following:

    • Ensuring that the student intern does not begin work until all requirements in this and related policies have been met.
    • Obtaining a fully executed EGSC Waiver from the student intern;
    • Identifying and assigning qualified EGSC personnel to provide appropriate instruction and supervision of the student intern;
    • Orienting the student intern to the duties associated with the internship, facilities, relevant equipment, location, hours, work expectations, code of conduct, and immediate supervisor; and
    • Evaluating the performance of the student intern using the student’s home institution forms.

Prohibited Duties for Student Interns – the EGSC Unit Head is responsible to ensure that the student intern is performing the duties assigned to the internship. Student interns are prohibited from driving EGSC fleet vehicles, operating heaving machinery, handling any chemicals in the laboratory, classroom or work environments, and operating any kitchen equipment.

Request for Student Internship at EGSC Form (PDF)