Adopted by President’s Cabinet 2/28/17
Revisions Adopted by President’s Cabinet 11/27/18

East Georgia State College, through collaboration with Corvias Campus Living-USG LLC, administers the housing agreements and the assignment of housing space to residents in the on-campus student housing facilities: Bobcat Villas-South and Bobcat Villas-West (“Residence Facility). EGSC and Corvias’ goal is full student occupancy of all beds in each unit. EGSC recognizes the housing need of certain employees and the need to maintain full occupancy of the Residence Facility. Therefore, on a space available basis and under specified conditions, housing in the Residence Facility will be available to eligible employees.

Employee Eligibility and Availability

The Residence Facility is available for use by single (unmarried) full time employees of the College on a space available basis. Children are not allowed in the Residence Facility. The Housing Agreement grants the eligible employee the right to occupy the Residence Facility on a per bed basis. An eligible employee may not reside in the same unit as an EGSC student. EGSC students have first priority for housing beds in the Residence Facility. Corvias reserves the right to cancel the Housing Agreement if student demand for additional beds in the unit results in a more cost-effective result. In such event, Corvias will give the employee resident a written cancellation notice requiring the employee resident to vacate in thirty (30) days. Employee resident will be responsible for rent through the last day of the notice of cancellation.

Housing Cost to Employee

The eligible employee will be charged the approved and published EGSC student rate for housing. Per BOR Policy 9.6.5, if lodging is provided at no charge or at a discount from the approved and published student rate, then the value of the full rent amount or discount shall be treated as additional taxable income to the employee.

The above policy should be distinguished from live on requirements for certain housing employees. Housing provided at no cost to employees who are required to live in campus housing as a condition of employment and in the interest of EGSC shall not be deemed a taxable benefit.

East Georgia State College Office of Residence Life will manage and implement the Housing Agreement for eligible employees including assignment of space.