Adopted by President’s Cabinet 6/27/17
Revisions Adopted by President’s Cabinet 3/27/18

I. Scope and Definitions

This policy covers the procedures for the issuance and use of EGSC information technology equipment by employees and the use of personal mobile devices by college employees in the workplace.

“EGSC information technology equipment” is equipment and related accessories owned by the college and issued to the employee under the procedures described below, including but not limited to: “Mobile device:” any electronic device with the ability to transmit or receive data, text, email, and/or voice, with Web functions, via a College-approved cellular network. Examples: smartphones, cellular equipped tablets, laptop, notebook computer. Accessories: cell phone battery charger, power bank, earbuds, mobile device cover, external keyboard and mouse, software, speakers, power extension cable, external hard drive or flash drive, printer, projector, surge protector, wireless presenter.

“Personal mobile device:” a mobile device owned by the employee. Use of the mobile device in the workplace is governed by the provisions in paragraph E.

II. Policy

An employee may use EGSC information technology equipment for performing job related duties in the workplace or in external settings. An employee may use EGSC information technology equipment in external settings for activities and events that support and promote the mission of the college. The procedures for requesting use and obtaining approval for each of the above instances are noted below.

A. Information Technology Equipment Issuance to Employee

Purchase and Issuance to Employee: EGSC information technology equipment, subject to the mobile device limitations noted in paragraph B, may be issued to an employee upon approval of the supervisor and approval of purchase by the Business Office, as provided in paragraph C herein. The employee will be required to sign the IT Equipment/Software Usage Form and Agreement (PDF) upon receipt of the equipment from the Information Technology Department.

Short Term Issuance to Employee: An employee may also request to check out college owned information technology equipment, for a shorter duration, for the purposes of use in the workplace or in an external setting (ex: presentation at civic club or professional meeting, etc.). The employee must request use of the IT equipment through a college work request. Approval for short term use and off campus use is required by the Vice President for Information Technology or his designee prior to issuance or use. In both cases, the employee will be required to sign the IT Equipment/Software Usage Form and Agreement (PDF) upon receipt of the equipment from the Information Technology Department.

B. Mobile Devices:

The College will not provide to faculty and/or staff college-owned mobile devices, data plans or other equipment with cellular connectivity for use in the course of performing college job-related business. Exceptions will be granted for employees in certain positions with a documented need for a mobile device such as:

      1. Police Department Staff (Chief, Assistant Chief, Swainsboro on-duty officer, Statesboro on-duty officer);
      2. Information Technology employees responsible for emergency notification messages; 
      3. Plant Operations (Director, Energy Manager, Landscape Supervisor, Custodial Supervisor, Statesboro Location Manager); and
      4. Housing Staff (Director, Residence Life Coordinator, Resident Assistant Staff –shared).

For departments with rotating staff, the mobile device may be shared among employees. Additional positions may be identified for college issued mobile devices and must follow the request procedures herein.

C. Purchase Request Procedures

The unit heads must request an information technology equipment and/or accessory purchase with justification, from the Business Office. If approved, the equipment and related accessories will be purchased by the Business Office. The Business Office will issue mobile phones and the IT Department will issue all other information technology equipment and related accessories to the employee. The EGSC information technology equipment remains the property of the College. At the time the EGSC equipment is provided to the employee, the employee will be made aware of this policy, including the loss or damage provisions, and must complete and sign an EGSC usage form and agreement relative to the equipment issued to the employee. The Business Office and IT will retain a copy of the respective forms.

D. Employee Responsibilities

The employee is responsible for:

      1. Using the equipment for college business only. Employees should not loan their equipment to anyone other than another employee. Employees remain responsible for all use and users of their equipment.
      2. Ensuring the physical protection of the equipment and accessories from damage or unauthorized use.
      3. Immediately reporting to the need for repair as well as loss, theft or damage to the equipment and accessories (mobile phones to Director of Business Operations; all other equipment to Vice President for Information Technology).
      4. Accidental loss or damage to the equipment or accessories while the employee is engaged in work activity must be reported to the college (mobile phones to Director of Business Operations; all other equipment to Vice President for Information Technology). The repair or replacement cost will be paid by the employee’s unit or units, if the employee dual reports to two units. If the equipment or accessories are lost or damaged during an employee’s personal use of the equipment, the employee will bear the cost of replacement. The cost of replacement will be determined by the college in consultation with the vendor.
      5. Ensuring that the equipment and accessories are not used for commercial or political activity. 
      6. Reading and understanding this policy and the EGSC IT Acceptable Use Policy, including not installing apps and programs on the device without prior approval from the above college units in number 3 and 4. 
      7. Understanding that the equipment usage is subject to audit.
      8. Any record made or received in connection with the transaction of college business is a public record subject to the Georgia Open Records Act, unless confidential or exempt. 
      9. Ensuring that the equipment and accessories are returned to the college when no longer needed, the employee transfers, or terminates employment with the unit or college.
E. Personal Mobile Phones

Personal calls during business hours should be limited and, whenever possible, made during the employee’s lunch period. Except in the case of an anticipated emergency, personal mobile phones should be on mute or vibrate so as not to disturb or interfere with work. Personal mobile phones, if registered by the employee with EGSC’s ConnectEd emergency notification service, should be set to vibrate.

IT Equipment/Software Usage Form and Agreement (PDF)