Adopted by President’s Cabinet 8/25/15

Professional Development Policy: Professional Association Dues, Licenses and Certifications


It is the goal of the college to provide assistance and support to employees to increase the effectiveness of their performance in their present college positions as well as to encourage all employees in the pursuit of knowledge, skills and abilities which may improve their opportunities for career advancement within the college. Professional development and continuous learning are necessary to maintain the quality of the college staff and their continued readiness and ability to contribute effectively to the mission and goals of the college and to establish a culture in which all employees are encouraged to develop their professional skills and enhance their performance. This policy addresses the college’s position on payment for membership dues in professional associations and organizations in the college’s name and payment for the attainment and renewal of job specific employee licensures and certifications.

Professional Organization Dues

In support of employee professional development, the college will fund professional higher education association and organization dues in the college’s name for employees in the subject areas that are related to the employee’s specific job responsibilities subject to provision contained herein. The employee and his or her supervisor will annually identify the appropriate higher education associations and organizations for potential membership using the procedures set forth herein. The employee should make suitable selections in consideration of his or her annual departmental budget allocation. Employee requests for payment of non-higher education association or organizations membership dues in an area specifically related to an employee’s job responsibilities will be denied unless no higher education association or organization exists for the employee’s specific job responsibilities. In such cases, the employee must send a letter to his or her immediate supervisor identifying the substitute organization and justification for the request.

Professional Licensure or Certification

Employees whose job description and specific job responsibilities require professional licensures or certifications will bear sole responsibility for the cost of the initial and renewal license fees and certification fees. For such employees, continuing education courses required to maintain an employee’s licensure or certification may be paid from the employee’s departmental budget if such course content is directly related to the employee’s specific job responsibilities and approved as indicated below.

Approval Procedure

Payment of association and organization dues in the college’s name and payment for professional continuing education courses for licensed or certified employees must be approved by the employee’s supervisor prior to the employee’s participation in an association or organization event, accessing association or organization resources and prior to attending a continuing education course.

All requests under this policy are subject to final approval of the President and budget availability.