Adopted by President’s Cabinet 12/20/16

The University System of Georgia is committed to providing a stable and secure environment for its employees; however, East Georgia State College shall have the authority to determine the appropriate staffing levels to meet the mission of the institution. East Georgia State College, in its sole discretion, may eliminate positions through a reduction in workforce. Workforce reductions may be necessary due to a budget reduction and/or funding changes (including financial exigency), elimination or decrease in services due to programmatic changes, reorganization resulting in s shift or elimination of certain tasks and responsibilities, significant business process improvements or new technologies rendering a position(s) obsolete, and other organizational changes that might impact staffing levels. In an effort to avoid a workforce reduction due to budget cuts or funding changes, East Georgia State College reserves the right to implement furloughs or other such programs to achieve the necessary budgetary reduction.

If a workforce reduction will not occur this policy is not applicable and shall not be utilized. If a reduction in force is necessary, EGSC will follow the USG Reduction in Force Policy (PDF) for developing and implementing its plan.