Adopted by President’s Cabinet 04/22/2014
Revisions Adopted by President’s Cabinet 4/28/2015
Revisions Adopted by President’s Cabinet 5/5/20

Scope of Policy

These guidelines determine the eligibility of persons who desire to utilize the fitness facilities located in the Physical Education Building on the campus of East Georgia State College in Swainsboro. Fitness facilities include the Fitness Center and Locker Rooms. Individual safety is a priority of East Georgia State College and these guidelines have been developed to ensure personal safety and to provide a pleasant, productive environment for the users of the fitness facilities. The use of the fitness facilities shall be restricted to hours that will not interfere with educational and athletic activities. Posted hours may be found on the EGSC Physical Education Complex website and may change from time to time. Certain users of the fitness facilities, (patrons, alumni, retiree, Foundation donor) must complete a Health Questionnaire and Waiver, both to be kept on file in the Fitness Center. East Georgia State College assumes no liability for injuries sustained by eligible users. All users understand the risks of the use of the equipment and facilities and voluntarily assume all risks associated with such usage. The Fitness Center is considered a public area and is monitored by video surveillance technology to ensure the safety and security of users. Access to the Fitness Center is via card swipe of the student’s ID or college issued identification card for all other users. After hours (evenings and weekends), users may access the building and the fitness center via card swipe.

Eligible Users

    • Students
      Currently enrolled students at East Georgia State College Swainsboro, Statesboro, or Augusta campuses as well as dual enrollment students are eligible to use the fitness facilities. Students must scan their current EGSC student identification card when they enter and exit the facility. 
    • Full Time Employees
      Current full-time employees (faculty and staff) of East Georgia State College are eligible to use the fitness facilities. In addition, any of the following relatives of the employee or the employee’s spouse who currently reside with the full time employee: spouse, children (see Use by Children below), parents, siblings, and individuals for whom the full time employee or his or her spouse is designated as legal guardian are eligible to use the Fitness facilities. The Human Resources Office will provide a form that lists the employee and the employee's family member(s). Employee should present the form to the Business Affairs Office to be used for the issuance of ID cards. Family identification cards must be renewed annually.
    • Part Time Employees
      Part-time faculty members and his or her spouse are eligible to use the fitness facilities during the semester in which the faculty member is employed. Part time staff and his or her spouse are eligible to use the fitness facilities during their employment term with the College. The Human Resources Office will provide a form that verifies term of employment and that should be presented to the Business Affairs Office to be used for the issuance of ID cards. Identification cards must be renewed for each semester in which the faculty member is employed. 
    • Retirees
      Persons who have retired from East Georgia State College and their spouses are eligible to use the fitness facilities. The Human Resources Office will provide a form that verifies the employee’s retirement and that should be presented to the Business Affairs Office to be used for the issuance of ID cards. Retiree and spouse ID cards must be renewed annually.
    • Alumni
      Graduates of EGSC are eligible to use the fitness facilities for one year following their graduation date. The Office of Institutional Advancement – Alumni Affairs will provide a form that verifies the graduate’s information and that form should be presented to the Business Affairs Office for issuance of a new ID card which designates the individual as Alumni. Alumni privileges expire 365 days after the date of graduation, but Alumni are welcome to continue their membership as a Patron.
    • Foundation Donors
      Individuals or the principal owner or Chief Executive Officer of a business who contributes $500 or more annually to the East Georgia State College Foundation, Inc. will be eligible to use the fitness facilities for twelve months from the date of their donation (actual not pledged). Individual membership is limited to the donating individual. A form must be obtained from the Office of Institutional Advancement that verifies eligibility at this donor level. This form will be taken to the Business Affairs Office and used for the issuance of an ID card.
    • Participants in EGSC Sponsored Activities
      Individuals enrolled in an EGSC camp or other college sponsored activity may use the fitness facilities when usage is specified as part of the camp or other activity. Usage is limited to the dates and times specified in the sponsored activity agenda and for the purpose specified in the sponsored activity materials. Supervision of participants during usage must conform to the guidelines contained herein and the EGSC Minors on Campus Policy.
    • Patrons
      Access to the EGSC fitness facilities for all other individuals who do not qualify under the aforementioned categories can be accomplished through enrollment as a fitness facilities patron. The monthly cost for participation is $35 and is payable at the Business Affairs Office, located in the Student Center. Upon payment of the monthly fee, patrons will be issued an ID card. ID cards will be renewed for each month that the user fee is paid.

Use By Children

Children ages 16 and over may use the fitness facilities only if they are eligible users as defined above and if (1) supervised by the minor’s parent or legal guardian, or; (2) participating in an EGSC sponsored event under the direct supervision of an adult who has direct responsibility for the EGSC event. The parent or guardian of a minor aged 16 and over is responsible to ensure the minor’s compliance with all rules for the fitness facilities (attached) and assumes responsibility for damage caused by the minor.

Acknowledgement and Consent

Users of the fitness facility must also complete an application for membership, a fitness application, sign a Waiver, and acknowledge receipt of a copy of Usage of Fitness Facilities in Physical Education Building and Rules for Fitness Facilities policy. By using the fitness facility, the user recognizes the importance of safety while using the facility and equipment, and the safety of the campus community and consents to search of his/her bags, book bags, backpacks and other personal property or belongings that the user brings in to the facility. 

NOTE: Rules and Guidelines for the fitness facilities are below. The rules may be modified from time to time by the Physical Education Facilities Coordinator with approval of the President’s Cabinet as necessary to ensure safety and an appropriate environment.

East Georgia State College Rules for Fitness Facilities

    • Fitness Center
      Cell phones or pagers are not to be used while on equipment; foul language or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated; loitering is not allowed. Only bottled water or clear containers (capped) with water allowed. Gum, candy and other food items are prohibited. Users suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted usage.

      Appropriate attire must be worn by users as described below:

      Upper Body – shirts must be worn at all times.
      Acceptable: Short or long sleeve t shirts and sweatshirts
      Unacceptable: Halter tops, half-shirts, rubber/plastic suits, exposed underarms, clothing revealing abdomen, or clothing that is obviously too large.

      Lower Body
      Acceptable: Athletic shorts, sweats, tights, track suits, warm-ups.
      Unacceptable: Cutoff shorts, casual pants and shorts, jeans, street clothes, belts, or clothes with exposed rivets or zippers

      Shoes – shoes must be worn at all times.
      Acceptable: Fully enclosed athletic shoes, cross trainers, tennis shoes, aerobic shoes, walking shoes, or jogging/running shoes.
      Unacceptable: Open toe or open heel shoes, sandals, flip flops, work boots, dance slippers, dress shoes, high heels, loafers, or cleats.

      Users are responsible for using disposable cleaning cloths to disinfect the equipment upon completion of their workout. Users are required to return equipment to its proper location when workout is completed (restack weights and dumbbells, exercise balls, mats). It shall be each user’s responsibility to ask for assistance before working out on equipment they are unfamiliar with. Users should report any broken or malfunctioning equipment to the Fitness Center staff immediately upon their recognition of such. Spotters and collars must be utilized when using free weights. Horseplay will not be tolerated. Olympic style lifting (power cleans, snatches) will not be allowed. Kickboxing is available using the kicking bag. Gloves are available to be checked out (see Equipment Check Out below) Only one person will be allowed the use of the Kicking Bag at one time. Gloves must be worn at all times as well. Each user is allowed a thirty (30) minute cardio workout using the kicking bag per session.

    • Locker rooms and showers
      Liquid soap only may be used in the locker rooms. Eligible users are encouraged to provide their own lock to secure personal belongings. At the end of each semester, locks that are left on lockers will be removed and items inside locker rooms will be disposed of. Locker Rooms may be unavailable at times that athletic events are scheduled in the facility. Users are responsible for providing their own towels and personal hygiene items and for cleaning up after themselves.

Privileges of Eligible Users

    • Use of locker rooms and showers
      Eligible users may use the locker rooms and showers located in the Physical Education Building on a first-come, first served basis. 
    • Fitness Assessments
      Fitness Center staff members are available to provide professional fitness assessments to eligible users.
    • Equipment Checkout
      Basketballs, volleyballs, tennis rackets, soccer balls, footballs, exercise resistance bands and boxing gloves are available for check-out by eligible users to be used only in the fitness facilities on campus. Equipment may only be checked out for individual use. There is no charge for the use of these items, however, equipment that is not returned or is returned damaged will be subject to the following replacement fees: basketball $35; volleyball, soccer ball and football $10, tennis racket $15, boxing gloves $25 pair, resistance bands $5. A hold will be placed on a student’s account until the replacement fee is paid. In addition, the student’s privileges will be revoked. A user other than student who does not settle their account with the Business Affairs Office will have their user eligibility revoked immediately and will not become an eligible user until the account is satisfied. Users may check out the items at the Help Desk located in the front of the Gymnasium. A user must leave their current ID card with Fitness Center staff and must fill-out the proper form for the specific item checked out. Equipment must be returned by closing time of the facility where the equipment was checked out.

Identification of Eligible Users

Eligible users will be issued an Identification Card at the Business Affairs Office located in the Student Center as outlined in the eligible users section above. The identification card and fitness facilities benefit it bestows is nontransferable. Users that abuse entry privileges will be denied access to the fitness facilities.