Adopted by President’s Cabinet 7/23/2013

In keeping with the University System of Georgia’s directive for all employees to act as good stewards of the state’s resources, and to ensure compliance with the Fire Codes of the State of Georgia, it is the policy of East Georgia State College to prohibit the use of personal space heaters, personal cooking devices, personal free-standing floor lamps, and small refrigerators in individual offices. Any unauthorized item that is located in a work space will be removed by Plant Operations and held at the Central Plant, located at the Academic Building, until the owner claims it.

Employees are directed to turn out lights when leaving a room or passing an unoccupied room. Building temperatures are regulated to minimize energy consumption and provide a comfortable working environment.

This policy applies to all facilities owned and maintained by East Georgia State College. Faculty and Staff who have work space in facilities owned and maintained by other Institutions are required to abide by similar policies as set forth by those institutions.