Adopted by President’s Cabinet 12/18/18

Free expression is encouraged on the East Georgia State College campus. Students, faculty, and staff are free to express their views, individually or in organized groups, orally, by sign or exhibit, on any topic, in all parts of the campus. Persons not affiliated with the college are free to express their views orally, by sign or exhibit, subject to certain limitations, as stated in the EGSC Freedom of Expression Policy. This policy sets forth the procedure for the posting and distribution of materials on campus by internal and external individuals or groups. This policy does not apply to informational notices by college units such as changes in operating hours, reminders about orientation, advisement, registration, graduation, and similar notices. Such notices must be approved and monitored by the unit head.

College Community refers to any person enrolled and/ or employed at EGSC and recognized student clubs and organizations.

Non-College Community refers to individuals or groups who are not enrolled or employed at the college.

Prior Approval

ALL printed materials must be dated, bear the EGSC logo as appropriate, the identification of the sponsoring organization or individual, include informational details of the event such as name, date, time and location, and have obtained prior express approval from the Director of Student Life before posting or distribution of flyers, leaflets, or similar printed materials. The Director of Student Life will indicate approval of the material by affixing an approval stamp and date of approval on the material prior to its posting.

Posting and Distribution

East Georgia State College shall provide designated posting spaces established in appropriate locations with due regard to convenience and aesthetics. Use of college posting areas shall be prioritized. First priority will be the college community. Posters/ads providing information about an event, activity or trip may remain posted until the day following the meeting, activity or event. All parties are responsible for posting printed material and all parties are responsible for removing their advertising within 24 hours after the expiration on the poster/ad/notice. Displays, but not limited to poster, notices, or banners, which litter the campus or damage the property of the college or other persons or entities, are prohibited. Posters/ads must be attached to surface with “Fun-Tak” or something equivalent. Tape MUST not be used or glass or walls.

Handbills, leaflets, and similar materials available free of charge may be distributed by the college community and non-college community so long as such distribution does not interfere with or operate to the detriment of the conduct of college affairs or the free flow of traffic. Interference with the free flow of traffic includes the distribution of handbills, leaflets, and similar materials to any vehicles parked on college property.

The Director of Student Life will maintain a record of the non-academic posting requests and decisions, and will monitor the designated posting spaces to ensure compliance with this policy.


The use of a residence hall as a distribution center for materials by the non-college community is prohibited; the purpose of the residence hall is educational. No commercial advertising is allowed on the college’s designated posting spaces.


The Director of Student Life may remove any posting or distributed material that fails to meet the above requirements.