Adopted by President’s Cabinet 4/26/16

10.3 Data Management Structure

Data and information are increasingly important to our efforts to create a world class educational environment. Consistency of data and clarity of access to the data are critical to effectiveness. Open access to data must be reconciled with strong information governance to ensure appropriate data use and public transparency. The EGSC data management structure (DMS) details the method for the allocation of responsibility for institutional data, including institutional records. The DMS assigns the responsibility for data management, including record retention, storage and disposal to an employee in each unit of the college who is supervised by a Cabinet level employee with overall responsibility for data in that unit. Key data leaders, as defined below, are the EGSC primary points of contact for communication with USG concerning shared governance responsibilities.

Data Owner: As the chief executive officer, the president of EGSC is the data owner of the institutional data.

Data Trustees: Cabinet-level position(s) reporting directly to the president who are designated by the data owner as having overall, high-level advisory responsibility.

Data Stewards: Functional positions generally reporting to a cabinet level position (or their designee) who are responsible for the people and the technology that maintain date for the functional area.