11.9 Approved Software/Applications Policy


The software/applications included in this document have been approved for installation on East Georgia State College IT resources. Software/applications found to be installed on college IT equipment that do not appear on this list will not be supported by Information Technology staff and may be removed by Information Technology staff.

If any department (i.e., faculty, staff member) of the College determines that a specific application other than those listed in this policy needs to be purchased, the department must obtain approval from the Vice President for Information Technology prior to purchasing the application. Additionally, in order to determine the application's technical specifications/requirements, the Information Technology Department must be contacted. Furthermore, the Vice President for Information Technology must also sign the departmental purchase request for the specific software/application.

NOTE: Even though a software/application is included in the "approved" listing below, the necessary license must exist (or be purchased) in order for the software to be legally installed on any college-owned IT equipment. Please check with the college's Information Technology Department for more information on software licenses.

Approved software/applications:

    • Virus protection software:
      • McAfee Antivirus Software
    • Word processing and related production software:
      • 1 Microsoft Office Professional (versions 2007 and higher)
      • Corel – Word Perfect (version X3 and higher)
    • Web page authoring software:
      • Microsoft Front page
    • Email client software:
      • Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express
      • Campus CatMail system
    • Internet browser software:
      • Internet Explorer
      • Firefox
    • Diagramming/drawing software:
      • Microsoft Visio
      • Microsoft PhotoDraw
      • Adobe PhotoShop
    • PDF software:
      • Adobe Acrobat
      • Primo PDF