Adopted by President’s Cabinet 05/28/2019
Revisions Adopted by President’s Cabinet 10/22/19; 2/7/22

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, and visitors of East Georgia State College (EGSC).  Parking Services is administered by the Business Affairs unit - Auxiliary Services and enforced by the EGSC Police Department in Swainsboro.  Transportation Services is administered by the Business Affairs unit - Auxiliary Services on the main campus in Swainsboro.  This policy does not apply to EGSC Augusta and EGSC Statesboro: parking and transportation services for EGSC Augusta and EGSC Statesboro are administered by Augusta University and Georgia Southern University, respectively.

I. Costs

For Swainsboro students, parking is a mandatory fee included in the student fees each semester.  The parking fee is $15 per semester.  Faculty, staff, retiree and visitor permits are issued at no cost for one permit.  There is a fee of $5.00 for additional or replacement permits.

II. Permit Issuance

For Swainsboro students, there are no requirements to display parking permits, with the exception of on-campus residents.  Resident parking permits are issued in the Business Office located in the Student Center.    Resident students must register their vehicles in the Business Office and obtain a decal.  Decals must be affixed to the vehicle on the rear glass, left side, no later than the first day of the second week of classes.

For faculty and staff, permits are issued at Human Resources located in the Student Center.  New employees are issued permits during their on-boarding process with Human Resources and must always display their issued permit when parking on campus.  Replacement and/or additional permits are issued once the employee pays the fee for such at the Business Office and then presents a receipt to Human Resources.

III. Designated Parking Areas

Vehicles must be parked in marked parking spaces.

White-lined spaces that are not designated by signage as “Visitor Parking” are open for anyone to park on campus (students, visitors, faculty and staff). 

Yellow-lined spaces are designated as Faculty/Staff parking between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday – Friday. Current visible permits must be displayed.

Orange-lined spaces are designated as Service/Delivery parking only.  Faculty and Staff are not authorized to park in Service/Delivery spaces.

Blue-lined spaces are designated as Handicap parking.  Handicap parking is only for those individuals with current State of Georgia issued handicap permits and is only for the person to whom the permit is issued.  In the instance of a temporary handicap, the EGSC Police Department is authorized to issue a temporary handicap permit for use on campus only, for a period not to exceed ten days.  State law prohibits the use of handicap permits by someone other than the person the permit is intended and the EGSC Police Department will enforce the state law which is violated.

Student employees are not allowed to park in Faculty/Staff designated (yellow lined) parking spaces during the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday – Friday.

Visitor Parking is designated with signage to indicate Visitor Parking.  Although visitors may park in any white lined space on campus, faculty, staff and students are not allowed to park in designated Visitor Parking at any time.

Bobcat Villas Resident Parking is designated with signage and green-lined spaces in Parking Lots P-9 and P-14.  Resident’s vehicles must be registered with the Business Office and must display a decal.  In the event a resident must temporarily utilize a different vehicle than the one registered, it shall always be the resident’s responsibility to obtain a temporary visitor pass from the EGSC Police Department and display the pass in the vehicle.  Temporary visitor pass hang tags may only be valid for a maximum of 20 days.

Veteran’s Parking is designated by signage in each parking lot.  These spaces are reserved for those who have served in the military as a way for EGSC to honor their service.

Reserved Parking may be indicated in certain spaces for visitors to campus, generally for periods of time less than one day.  For reserved parking spaces a Facilities Request must be submitted for the event for which the visitor’s reserved space is required, and the Facilities Request must indicate the date/time/location/name of visitor for which the request is made.  Facilities Requests are submitted via the College’s online request system, Schooldude,  found at  In Swainsboro, bus parking will be allowed in Parking Lots P3 and P13.  The representative from the entity that schedules the campus visit will be given instructions by either the Event Planner (for non-athletic events) or the Athletic Director (for athletic events).  For all reserved parking, temporary signage and barricades (cones) will be placed by the EGSC Police Department in the appropriate location.

Under certain circumstances, special reserved parking spaces may be requested for uses such as employee recognition programs. Cabinet-level approval from the appropriate Unit Head is required for special reserved parking spaces.

Temporary Parking Permits are issued, free of charge, at the EGSC Police Department in Swainsboro.  Temporary parking permits are issued for short-term use (generally less than six months) for regular visitors such as contractors, temporary staff, retirees, and vendors.

IV. Motorcycle/Scooter Parking

Motorcycles and scooters are not required to display a parking permit.  Drivers of these vehicles are required to register the vehicle with the EGSC Police Department and must park in the appropriate parking space for motorcycles.  Motorcycles and scooters may not be parked on sidewalks, grass, or near campus buildings.

V. Towing and Immobilization

Vehicles that have received two citations and whose owner has neglected to respond (either by a successful appeal or a payment) will be placed on a tow/immobilization list.  Vehicle owners will be notified in writing upon the issuance of a citation.  A third citation will result in the vehicle being towed or immobilized by a car boot installed by the EGSC Police Department.  All fines, including a boot removal fee, must be paid before a vehicle is released.  In addition, a vehicle may be immediately towed, without prior notice, if it presents a traffic safety hazard, or if a vehicle boot is not available.  EGSC assumes no responsibility for damage as a result of a vehicle being towed or immobilized.  The owner of said vehicle is responsible for the towing expenses.

VI. Accidents

The driver(s) involved in any accident on campus resulting in injury to, or death of, or damage to any property shall immediately stop their vehicle at the scene of the accident and must contact the EGSC Police Department.  The driver of said vehicle should remain with their vehicle until an officer arrives and must present their driver’s license and valid vehicle insurance to the officer upon their arrival at the scene.

VII. Speed Limits/Traffic

The speed limit on campus roads and streets is 15 mph unless otherwise posted.  Posted speed limits must be observed.  Pedestrians have the right of way, and caution must be exercised by drivers at all times.

In addition to the regulations contained herein, all provisions of the Georgia Traffic Code apply on campus.  EGSC Police Department officers may cite violators under the EGSC Traffic Regulations or the Georgia Traffic Code.

VIII. Appeals

Parking citations may be appealed to the Vice President for Business Affairs, or designee, within five (5) business days.  The right to appeal is denied after five days.  All appeal decisions are final.  Citations must be paid before an appeal is made.  Appeal forms are available at the EGSC Police Department Office in Swainsboro. 

Standard Fines for Parking Violations can be found under ‘Miscellaneous Fees’ at