Adopted by President's Cabinet 7/30/14
Revisions adopted by President's Cabinet 12/20/16
Revisions adopted by President's Cabinet 7/26/17
Revisions Adopted by President's Cabinet 5/22/18
Revisions Adopted by President's Cabinet 6/26/18
Revisions Adopted by President's Cabinet 11/27/18; Revisions Adopted by President's Cabinet 9/16/20

Facility Usage

Facilities at East Georgia State College are available for all events within the mission of the college including, but not limited to, meetings, banquets, seminars, workshops, camps, sports events, Vision Series, and EGSC Foundation events. Campus facilities available for usage include all campus buildings in Swainsboro and EGSC Statesboro, all green spaces, all parking areas, cross country course, tennis courts, and other playing fields. Individual speakers and groups desiring to use campus facilities for free expression or political activities are also directed to review the EGSC Freedom of Expression Policy and EGSC Political Activities Policy prior to requesting use of campus grounds or facilities. Usage of the EGSC Augusta facility and other Augusta University facilities are governed by Augusta University policies. Any request for a proposed event which includes non-student minor participants must begin with the Director of Event Planning & Scheduling, or Fulford Center Director, as appropriate, and a review of the Minors on Campus Policy. On campus lodging for participants in multi-day programs may be available on a limited basis during summer semester; please inquire with the Director of Event Planning & Scheduling. All activities held on campus will comply with the laws of the State of Georgia, the policies of the Board of Regents, and of East Georgia State College. Institutional use of EGSC facilities takes precedence over and has a higher priority than any outside usage of these facilities. Within the institution, instructional needs take priority. Facilities cannot be committed for long-term agreements or future events that extend beyond the academic calendar available at the time of the reservation. All facilities requests, except requests for usage of the Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center, must be made with the EGSC Event Planner using the process outlined herein.

Limitations on Facility Use

Meetings or events to raise funds for private businesses, industries, or individuals are denied usage of the campus facilities.

    • College facilities and resources cannot be used for the operation of a private business.
    • East Georgia State College is a tobacco free and smoke free campus. See the Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus Policy.
    • The possession, consumption, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages on the East Georgia State College campus is prohibited except for external organizations or persons with express written permission from the President of East Georgia State College or his designee. The EGSC Alcohol Beverage Policy and EGSC Alcoholic Beverage Service Agreement (PDF) contain specific guidelines and requirements for those granted the above written permission. 
    • In compliance with Campus Carry provisions, no firearms, weapons, ammunition (except as specifically allowed by applicable federal and state law) or fireworks, explosives, or highly flammable materials will be permitted within campus buildings or on campus property.
    • The College reserves the right to limit functions at any time.
    • The College reserves the right to deny user requests for events that are not within the mission of the college or are inconsistent with the facility design and construction. There is no appeal for facility use denials.

Use of Facilities by Approved College Student Organizations

Approved student organizations may use campus facilities without charge, subject to prior approval and placement on the college facilities events schedule. Student organizations must obtain prior approval from the Director of Student Life before placing any promotional materials on campus.

Facility Usage Fees and Usage Requirements

Facility usage fees are determined based on the user organization's status, programming, and targeted audience. (See Exhibit 1 -Facility User Fees and Other Requirements). User groups as identified on Exhibit I will be required to sign a Facility License Agreement and provide general commercial liability insurance or event insurance prior to usage. Rental fees will be calculated based on the user's total number of hours of usage and include rehearsal of event, event set up, and actual event, and any other pre and post event staging or clean up.

In addition to facility usage fees, additional fees may be incurred by user, where applicable, for technical assistance, EGSC police, energy surcharge, damage, and other additional personnel and support services as noted below. EGSC will provide an estimate for additional support services anticipated for the event based on the User's facility request and audience number. The Facility License Agreement must be completed and deposit payable to East Georgia State College and collected by the Director of Event Planning & Scheduling in the Office of Institutional Advancement prior to scheduling of any event on the Campus Master Calendar. Campus hours are Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any event scheduled after business hours may incur additional fees as noted in the Facility License Agreement.

Mandatory Fees

  1. General Facility Usage (Cancellation must occur more than fifteen (15) days in advance to be eligible for a refund). The following usage fees apply: *Multi Purpose Room $125 per hour needs to be added to fees under Gymnasium
    • Classrooms, Conference Rooms $25 per hour per room
    • Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center $100 per hour or $650 per day*
    • Auditorium and/or Stage area of Auditorium $75 per hour or $600 per day
    • Ropes Course (per user fee/call for information)
    • Gymnasium $125 per hour or $1000 per day (Includes usage of the Locker Rooms)
    • Playing Fields $50 per day Maintenance Fee
    • Restroom Use at PE Building in Connection with any Other Events $100 per day per event
    • OTHER - Please contact the Event Planner to discuss applicable fees. Individual use of the tennis courts, cross country/walking course and disc golf course is permitted without charge when it does not interfere with EGSC use or other scheduled use. Use of these facilities for organized events requires advanced permission and additional fees may apply for after-hours use. Please call the EGSC Event Planner to reserve and to discuss applicable fees.

      * Reservation of the Fulford Community Learning Center during the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. for usage consistent with the mission of the college will be at no cost to user so long as no cost incurred by College for usage.
  2. Maintenance (Clean-up) Deposit $250

Maintenance Deposit (per event or rehearsal for event) in the amount of $250 will be charged at the time the facility is reserved. After use of the facility, the deposit will be refunded if, in EGSC's opinion, the facility used is cleaned by the user and returned to East Georgia State College in the same condition it was when it was provided to user. In the event the facility is not returned to EGSC in the same condition as provided to user, EGSC reserves the right to withhold such amounts as necessary to cover additional clean-up costs and when necessary, to bill user for cleanup costs in excess of $250.

Additional Fees: * COVID-19 Sanitation Surcharge: Determined per event (Add line after Energy Surcharge)

    • Technical Support, Sound, Lighting: $32.25 per hour per support person
    • Energy Surcharge for after hours and weekend events: estimate provided prior to reservation
    • EGSC Police Department Personnel: $26.75 per hour per Officer
    • Plant Operations Staffing: Building Maintenance Technician: $22.08 per hour per person; Custodial Staff: $19.74 per hour per person.
    • Damage/ Extra Maintenance: costs based on repair, replacement, labor costs, etc.
    • Set Up/ Breakdown Fee by EGSC: $35 per hour

Explanation of Additional Fees:

Technical Support for Sound/Lighting Needs

Events requiring the utilization and support of audio-visual, lighting, and/or computer equipment will subject the user to a fee for technical support in the amount indicated above. Only EGSC personnel can provide this service to outside users; i.e. outside users are not permitted to operate the sound or lighting systems or any East Georgia State College equipment.

Energy Surcharge: Facilities reserved outside said operating hours will be subject to an energy surcharge. All User Groups, except Group 1, College Activities, are subject to the surcharge. The surcharge is determined based on the space used and the duration, and calculated on the current utility rates at the time of the rental.

COVID-19 Sanitation Surcharge: This fee will be applicable to facility usage events where furniture, equipment, and/or supplies are shared or other similar instances requiring sanitation after each participant's use. The need for the surcharge will be determined by the Event Planner on a case by case basis depending on the event specifics. When applicable, the fee charged will be the custodial staff fee.

EGSC Police Department Personnel: If the number of people expected for any event exceeds the number that can be managed by the on duty EGSC Police Department personnel (one per 100 guests), then additional EGSC Police Department personnel will be charged as indicated above. The number of people anticipated for an event must be declared at the time the facility is reserved.

Plant Operations: Additional fees for plant operations staff and services, including janitorial services, will be charged for events with 100 or more attendees and/or after hours usage.

Damage/Extra Maintenance: Any costs for damage to the facility are the responsibility of the user. Within 24 hours of facility usage, the Director of Plant Operations or his designee will inspect the condition of the facility. Fees assessed for repair or replacement due to damage shall be determined by the Vice President for Business Affairs or his designee, and communicated to user within 3 business days. Costs for such will be deducted from the $250 Maintenance deposit, if available, and user billed for the balance, or full amount, as appropriate. If damage costs exceed $250, or said fund has been otherwise exhausted, user agrees to remit balance to EGSC within seven (7) business days.

Set Up/Breakdown Fee: Any set up of tables, chairs, podium, or other equipment, or supplies for the scheduled user.

Dining Services

East Georgia State College operates Dining Services and holds a first option to provide catering services for all on campus events. Dining Services may be contacted at 478-289-2134 or 478-289-2041 during normal business hours for menus, pricing, and more detailed information. Dining Services should be booked at least two weeks in advance of the date of the Event(s). A deposit of 50% is required at the time of reservation and payment in full is required one week prior to the event date.

If Dining Services declines the user’s catering offer, Dining Services will provide written notice to user, and upon receipt of the notice, user may contract with outside caterers. User must provide written notice of the name of outside caterer to Dining Services at 131 College Circle, Swainsboro, Georgia, 30401 or via email: runderwoodFREEOMNIUPDATE. Outside caterers are subject to approval by EGSC and will not be permitted to use any campus kitchen facilities, equipment or small wares to prepare or provide their services.

Facilities Scheduling and Event Coordination

All facilities scheduling, other than classroom instructional scheduling, and the Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center scheduling, will be coordinated and maintained by the Director of Event Planning & Scheduling in the Office of Institutional Advancement. Users of the Sudie A. Fulford Center should contact the Fulford Center at 478-289-2464 to request the facility, coordinate the event and pay facility fees. All Sudie A. Fulford Center events will be placed on the Campus Master Calendar, following the procedure set forth below. The Director of the Fulford Center will implement the terms of the Facilities License Agreement for all Fulford Center usage.

Any requests to add events or to make a reservation of facilities, cancel or reschedule an event must be forwarded to the Director of Event Planning & Scheduling. East Georgia State College employees may initiate a facility request, modify, reschedule, or cancel a request using the on-line scheduling system. ALL commitments of facilities by any faculty or staff member that have not been cleared through the EGSC Event Planner will be subject to cancellation. External users may contact the Director of Event Planning & Scheduling for determination of eligibility and availability on the campus calendar. Email: abwilliamsFREEOMNIUPDATE; Telephone: 478-289-2367. Cancellations or rescheduling of events may incur facilities charges unless the cancellation occurs at least fifteen (15) days prior to the scheduled event. The EGSC Event Planner will coordinate with the Office of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs when scheduling events in academic spaces.

After scheduling the event on the Campus Master Calendar, the EGSC Event Planner will coordinate with the director of the reserved facility, the user, and all necessary campus support offices to ensure that pre-event details are in order and that the scheduled event is monitored. The Director of Event Planning & Scheduling is responsible for implementing the terms of the Facilities License Agreements for all campus facilities except the Sudie A. Fulford Center.

Exhibit 1 – Facility User Fees and Other Requirements

Adopted by President’s Cabinet 7-30-14
Adopted by President’s Cabinet 12/20/16 as Exhibit I

User Groups for All EGSC Facilities Except Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center

Group 1: College Activities

    • PRIORITY 1
    • Clubs, organizations, departments and divisions of EGSC that serve the students, parents, staff and faculty of East Georgia State College.
    • Requirements: Deposit/Facility Rental Fees/ Facility License Agreement/Insurance: NONE
    • Reservations must be requested through the EGSC Facilities Request (SchoolDude)

Group 2: Public or Private Educational Institutions

    • PRIORITY 2
    • Requirements: No Deposit; No Facility Rental; Energy Surcharge if after hours; COVID-19 Sanitation Surcharge if needed; Support fees if needed; Facility License Agreement required for host organization or school, General Commercial Liability or Event Insurance

Group 3: All Others

    • PRIORITY 3
    • Requirements: Deposit, Facility Rental Fees; Energy Surcharge for after hours usage; COVID-19 Sanitation Surcharge if needed; Support Fees if needed; Facility License Agreement, and General Commercial Liability Insurance or Event Insurance
    • Non-profits in the EGSC service area - Facility Rental Fees will be 50% of posted rate for college facilities, except the EGSC gymnasium.
Sudie A. Fulford Center Users

User Group 1 – Event Consistent with the Mission of the Sudie A. Fulford Center

    • Groups using the Fulford Center for events within the mission of the Center during normal operating hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
    • Requirements: None
    • After Hours & Weekend Usage: Energy Surcharge, COVID-19 Sanitation Surcharge if needed, along with any additional fees that may be applicable.

Group 2 – Event Outside the Mission of the Fulford Center

    • Groups using the Fulford Center at any time, for events outside the mission of the College
    • Requirements: Deposit, Rental Fees, Additional Fees including COVID-19 Sanitation Surcharge, Facility License Agreement and Event Insurance or Commercial General Liability Insurance.