Purpose and Functions

A faculty member has the right to appeal the decision of the review committee to the Post-Tenure Review Board, which is composed of all tenured faculty members (who are not being reviewed) from each school. The appeal may encompass any action, review, or evaluation that is relevant to the post-tenure review. The appellant will submit a letter of appeal along with his or her post-tenure review dossier to the president of the Faculty Senate, who will make the appeal materials available to members of the Post-Tenure Review Board. The Faculty Senate will conduct or delegate a vote of the Post-Tenure Review Board no later than thirty days after the appeal is submitted to the Faculty Senate; a two-thirds vote of the Post-Tenure Review Board will be required for an appeal to succeed.

The Faculty Senate president will inform the college president of the result of the vote. The college president shall review the decision of the Post-Tenure Review Board and inform the appellant and the appellant’s supervisor of his or her final decision within fifteen days of receiving the Post-Tenure Review Board’s vote. In accordance with Board of Regents’ policy, any employee in the University System aggrieved by a final decision of the president of an institution may apply to the Board of Regents’ Office of Legal Affairs for a review of the decision (Board of Regents Policy Manual 8.6).


    • Tenured faculty members from each school (who are not being reviewed)