How Can We Help You?

Career Counseling

Choosing a career path can be a daunting task. Career Services staff is here to help. If you need help choosing a career path or preparing for employment, contact Career Services and schedule an appointment with our staff. A typical career counseling session lasts 30 - 60 minutes. 

Job Application Assistance

According to employers, your job application is just as important as your resume. If you have any questions or concerns, stop by Career Services during business hours. Please bring a copy of the application, if possible.

Cover Letter and Resume Review

Your cover letter and resume are important pieces to landing an interview. Email your cover letter and resume to Career Services at careerservicesFREEOMNIUPDATE%C2%A0or stop by during business hours, for a detailed critique. Templates and other resources are also available.

Mock Interviews

Are you feeling nervous about an upcoming interview? Schedule a mock interview with Career Services to build confidence and rehearse your responses.

Job Fairs

Career Services hosts two job fairs each year. Come dressed to impress and network with top companies/organizations. To learn how to prepare for the fair, visit Career Services during business hours.


Career Services hosts a variety of career development workshops designed to address the needs of both students and alumni. Look for emails and posters to learn more about upcoming events.

Tips for Job Fairs and Recruiting Events

Update and Polish Your Resume

Bringing copies of your resume to hand out to recruiters is always a great idea!

Dress for Success

First impressions are important.

      • Dress conservatively, in the clothes you would wear on the job.
      • Make sure you look clean, neat, and well-groomed.
      • Use minimal cologne or perfume.
      • Wear minimal jewelry.

Do Your Research

Think about what type of jobs you are interested in. Research job openings in your area and familiarize yourself with skills that are needed in those areas.

Prepare Your Statement to Recruiters

Keep your pitch 10 to 15 seconds long.

Let recruiters know things like your name, profession (or future profession), and your experience/skills.

Follow Up

Sending a simple thank-you note to each recruiter you meet goes a long way! This helps you stand out because you made a special effort.

Be sure you thank the recruiter for taking the time to speak with you and which job fair you attended with them.

Visit the Bobcat Career Center online!

Reimaging the student journey

    • Connecting students with employers,
    • Providing job fair and recruiting event
    • Announcements, and tips and tricks on how
    • To be successful in the recruiting process.