East Georgia State College Cheerleaders are a student-led organization that support the Bobcat athletic teams by being upbeat, fun and get the crowd pumped as well as incredible spirit. Squad members hold great responsibility in the fact that each member is an ambassador to the college and represent the athletic department and campus community. The squad cheers at most EGSC basketball games and are also present at many campus and community events. We are a co-ed cheerleading squad, and our exciting cheers and routines features skilled jumps, hip/hop halftime performances, and medium level stunts. Come be a part of the excitement--this is a club worth joining!

Recommended Skills:

    • Tumbling (all on hardwood court)
      • standing back handspring
      • round-off back handspring
      • toe touch back handspring
      • no tumbling (males)
      • standing tuck
      • round-off back handspring tuck
      • combination jump with a tuck
      • standing tuck (males)
    • Flyer Requirements
      • Flexibility (Flyers should be able to pull 3 different body positions)
      • Full down from extended one legged stunts
      • Double down from prep level
      • All flyers will be weighed weekly
    • Base Requirements
      • Base any one-legged stunt with a full down
      • Able to do all basing positions (left side, right side, and back base)
      • Double down from prep level
      • Toss hands (males)
      • A combination stunt sequence with a full up
      • Toss hands liberty (males)

*A mat will be provided at tryouts for higher level tumbling passes such as fulls, but if one is able to perform a layout, it should be on the hardwood court as well.

** Upon being selected for the EGSC cheerleading program, all cheerleaders will be expected to participate in early morning practices, work outs, additional team conditioning, and/or personalized diet/ fitness programs.

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