Residential students looking for on campus employment should consider becoming a resident assistant in the Bobcat Villas.

Resident Assistants Function at the Highest Level in the Areas of:

    • Role modeling and leadership
    • Resource assistance and referral
    • Student and community development
    • Safety and security awareness
    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Customer service activities

Typical duties include:

    • Working at the student reception desks in Bobcat Villas South or West.
    • Attending regularly scheduled staff meetings.
    • Conducting administrative duties as assigned, including but not limited to, occupancy checks and health and safety inspections.
    • Creating and implementing programming and social activities for residential students.
    • Providing a listening ear for fellow residents.
    • Connecting residential students with campus resources to help them be successful.
    • Conducting duty rounds and responding during crisis situations.
    • Assisting with Lock Outs.
    • Reporting information to supervisors, especially when the health or safety of a resident is at risk.

Minimum Requirements for application consideration:

    • Enrolled as a full-time, on-campus EGSC student (12+ credit hours) during period of employment.
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the start of and during the term of employment.
    • Be in "Good Standing" academically with the college.
    • Must not have a conduct record with the Office of Student Conduct.
    • Ability to balance academic, employment, personal and co-curricular commitments.
    • Successful completion of the interview process.

For more information about becoming an RA, or to be directed to the online application,

please email housingFREEOMNIUPDATE.