Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Office of the Registrar maintains permanent academic records on all students who have ever enrolled in the college. All practices and policies dealing with the acquisition, retention and disclosure of information to student records are formulated with respect to the student's right to privacy. No record is kept which will detrimentally discriminate by race, creed, gender or political belief of a student.

The Office of the Registrar maintains the official transcript and the official documents of each student. The student ‘s folder may contain the application for admission, immunization record, official transcript(s) from high school or previous college/university, the results of admissions tests, copies of official correspondence concerning the admission status, copies of written requests made by the student to make changes to their record . These records are available to an internal college official who has a legitimate educational interest in the information. A college official has a legitimate education interest in a student’s records if the official needs the information to fulfill his or her professional responsibilities. A college official is defined as faculty, administrative and classified staff, administrators, trustees, students serving on official college committees or assisting another college official in performing his or her duties, and third parties with whom the college has contracted such as attorneys, auditors, or collection agents. Information is made available to other persons only with the expressed written permission of the student.

Students have the right to inspect the official transcript of their academic record and personal folder, to request an interpretation and explanation of information contained within these records; to request amendment of educational records that are incorrect or misleading or that violate privacy or other rights; and to request a hearing to amend such records, if necessary.