The information on this page provides details regarding East Georgia State College’s plan to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) relating to digital copyright infringement and P2P File Sharing by users of the college’s campus network.

Technology-based Deterrents

    • The college does not allow peer to peer software packages to be installed on any faculty, staff or student lab computers.
    • The college employs various policies and rule schemes in the campus firewall that limit and/or block peer to peer and related types of traffic.
    • The college’s IT department regularly monitors the campus network for unusual traffic.
    • The college utilizes network bandwidth shaping equipment to deter peer to peer activity.

Community Education and Annual Disclosure

Procedures for Handling Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material

Any Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation notices that occur on campus will be addressed by the college’s Vice President for Information Technology, and/or other necessary campus departments (i.e., Library, Department of Student Services, Campus Police Department).

Periodic Review of Plan and Assessment Criteria

The number of DMCA violation notices received by East Georgia State College will be reviewed annually by the college’s Vice President for Information Technology and/or any other necessary campus senior administrators. Modifications to educational materials and disciplinary procedures will be suggested as needed.

The college’s IT department will periodically review available technologies to better enable the college to curtail undesirable network traffic on the campus network.

Alternatives to Illegal File Sharing

A list of legal alternatives for downloading online content can be viewed on the Educause website