Funding Requirements

Below, you will find the dual enrollment funding limitations that went into effect in Summer 2020.

    • Funding is limited to 30 semester credit hours
    • Limited to Juniors and Seniors
      • Sophomores with 26 ACT or 1200 SAT are eligible
    • Students are not able to receive funding for repeated courses
    • Students who receive 2 withdrawals are no longer eligible for funding
    • Funding is limited to approved courses only


Students are not responsible for tuition and mandatory non-course-related fees, such as technology, transportation, and student activity fees that traditional students would otherwise pay.

To receive the funds necessary to cover tuition and waive mandatory non-course-related fees, students must submit their GAfutures Dual Enrollment Funding Application prior to the beginning of the term of attendance.


Students are responsible for any course related fees as well as fees for non-mandatory services such as parking and dining, if purchasing a meal plan.

The program does not cover course related fees or outside reading texts. Students taking a science with a lab will be responsible for a science lab fee. Optional, supplemental, or suggested textbooks are not covered by the Dual Enrollment program and are the responsibility of the student.

Students are also responsible for any proctoring fees if any online exams are being proctored.

Dual enrollment students have access to almost all fee-supported services, including the library, student activities, and even attendance at athletic events. However, dual enrollment students cannot participate in NJCAA Athletics and do not have access to Health Services or the Counseling Center (except in crisis situations or for referrals).

Check Account Balance

To check if any course fees are due:

  1. Log into myEGSC 
  2. Select Banner Web.
  3. When Banner Web opens select Student.
  4. When the next screen comes up select Student Account.
  5. Select Account Summary and scroll to the end of the page.

For more information and instructions on paying fees, please contact the Business Office at 478-289-2186.


Students participating in the Dual Enrollment program are provided access to required textbooks for approved courses at no cost.