Dual enrollment students are required to complete the online orientation modules (located in the shortcut menu in their myEGSC portal) prior to their first semester of Dual Enrollment classes. This can be completed at your own pace once you have been admitted. Information will be provided by Dual Enrollment coordinator.

Visit Admission’s Orientation website for more information.


All students in the dual enrollment program must meet for advisement each semester. One purpose of advisement is to ensure that students are enrolling in classes approved by their high school counselor to meet graduation requirements. A key part of advisement also includes the opportunity to discuss majors and plans for the future.

After you have been accepted by Admissions you will receive an email sent to the email address that you used when you applied to East Georgia with information on how to sign up for advisement.

Make sure you have done the following before signing up for your New Student Dual Enrollment Advisement Appointment:

  1. Met with your high school counselor to discuss your dual enrollment course plan. Your high school counselor must submit your approved courses before you sign up for your new student advisement appointment with your Dual Enrollment Academic Advisor.
  2. Completed the student and parent/guardian portions of the GAFutures funding application. This must be completed prior to scheduling your appointment with the Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

Course Registration

All Dual Enrollment students will have an Advisor
 Hold on their account to ensure that the student meets with the Dual Enrollment Coordinator each concurrent semester for proper registration. Students are NOT permitted to self-register to ensure correct courses are being taken.

IMPORTANT: If any changes are made to the course schedule after courses have been approved, the high school counselor must ensure schedule is updated at EGSC. Students are not permitted to withdraw from a currently enrolled course without prior approval from their high school counselor verifying if the course will affect their high school graduation requirements.


Post Registration Checklist


Students participating in the dual enrollment program are provided textbook rentals for approved courses at no cost. Textbook rentals are not provided for optional texts or for courses outside of the approved course list. Textbooks will not be provided for repeated courses. Textbook rentals must be returned to the library at the end of each semester in good condition to avoid fees. Students are allowed to write in lab manuals.

If you are unsure if the program will cover the cost of the required course material please contact Meghan%20Crews in the library prior to purchasing. Course materials must be purchased from the bookstore in order for refunds to be issued.

Be on the lookout for an email from the DE coordinator for specifics on textbook rental and pickup timelines. Students may pick up textbooks and/or online access codes from the EGSC Library in Swainsboro. Please note that students must bring their Bobcat ID card to pick up their textbooks.