Faculty will report final grades to the Registrar’s office by the grade submission deadline at the end of each semester. Grade information including a student’s academic standing are not posted to students’ academic records until the end of the semester and are not considered official until all end of term processing has been completed, this usually occurs within three business days after the last day of final exams. Grades for short-term classes may be viewable on students’ academic advising records if the grades have been entered by the instructor.

It is the student’s responsibility to actively monitor their banner web and check their final grades after each semester of enrollment. New and returning students receive login credentials to their Cat mail account at the start of their semester.

A grade of Incomplete Indicates that course work numbered 1000 and above was completed satisfactory; but for non-academic reasons beyond the student’s control, the student was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. The instructor for the course may issue the student an Incomplete grade (‘I’) and the student must fulfill the remaining assignment by the end of the next semester of enrollment to remove the ‘I’. Without regard to enrollment, an ‘I’ must be removed within one calendar year. If the faculty instructor has not submitted a Grade Change Form for the course, the Records Office will replace the Incomplete Grade with a Grade of ‘F’ and recalculate the student’s GPA. A course with an unresolved grade of Incomplete cannot be repeated.

Challenging Grades

If a grade appears to be incorrect, the student must notify the instructor immediately Final grades will not be changed after one calendar year of the assigned date and are considered as part of the student’s permanent academic record for EGSC. Students who want to appeal their grade should refer to the institution’s policy for final course grade appeal posted on the President’s Policies and Procedures webpage and complete the Grade Appeal Form.

Dean’s List (Honor or Merit)

A student with a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher in 15 or more credit hours*  for a semester will be placed on the Dean’s Honor List for that semester.

A student with a semester  grade point average of 3.5 or higher in at least 12  credit hours*, but less than 15 credit hours of course work for a semester, will be placed on the Dean’s Merit List.

Institutional credit hours do not count  for the purposes of the Dean’s Honor or Merit List. Only degree level credit hours is used in these calculations.

What are the Types of Grade Point Averages (GPA)?

Institutional GPA:  Consist of courses taken at East Georgia State College only. Students who repeat a course will have the first attempt excluded and only the last attempt of the repeated course will count in their institutional GPA. This GPA is used in determining graduation eligibility as well as a student’s Academic Standing (i.e., academic warning, academic probation, or academic suspension).  All students must have at least a 2.00 Institutional grade point average (GPA) to satisfy degree GPA requirements.

Transfer GPA: Consist of courses that have transferred in from Prior colleges attended by a student.

Cumulative GPA: The average of all grades earned in college level work for institutional and transfer course work.

Regents GPA: The average of every grade received at East Georgia State College including repeated courses. This cumulative GPA is used in determining eligibility for scholarships.

Calculating GPA

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by multiplying the credit hours for each degree level course by the grade points associated with the grade in a course (see chart below). This will give you the quality points for the course. The total of the quality points are then divided by the total of credit hours to give you your grade point average.




Course Credit Grade Grade Points Quality Points
MATH 1111 3 A 4 12
ENGL 1101 3 B 3 9
BIOL 1107 4 C 2 8
CATS 1101 1 D 1 1
Totals: 11 - 4 30
Total Quality Points divided by Credit Hours = GPA
30 / 11 = 2.72

The following grades have been approved for use by East Georgia State College and are included in the determination of the grade-point average:

Status Grade Grade Points
Excellent A 4
Good B 3
Average C 2
Poor D 1
Failing F or WF 0
Satisfactory/Pass S 0
Unsatisfactory/Fail F 0

The following grades have been approved for use by East Georgia State College and are not included in the determination of the grade-point average:

Grade Description
I Indicates that a student was unable to meet the full requirements for completion of the course due to non-academic reasons beyond the students; control. An incomplete grade (I) not removed the succeeding semester will convert to an F.
IP Indicates that a student failed to reach the competency required to complete their Learning Support course. The student must enroll in the course again the following semester.
K Indicates credit by examination for a course via an approved examination program (i.e. AP, CLEP,etc.)
NR Indicates that no grade has been reported for the course. The student should contact the instructor immediately.
W* Indicates that a student was permitted to withdraw without academic penalty.
WM* Indicates a student enlisted in the armed services received orders and must withdraw from all classes. A 100% refund is issued for tuition paid for student.
S Indicates a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade
V Indicates a course taken by Audit. Students may not transfer from Audit to credit course status or vice versa.

*Grade counts towards attempted hours