All students should consult with their Academic Advisor prior to making any changes to their registration for a semester!

Add/ Drop/ Withdrawal Information

Courses may only be dropped or added during the official drop/add period at the beginning of each part of term via a student’s banner web. Please see the Academic Calendar for these specific dates. The drop/add period is the window available for students to revise their schedules during the first week classes. Courses removed from a student’s schedule  will not appear on a student’s official academic record.

Withdrawing Classes

Refer to the Academic Calendar for withdrawal dates for each session

Once the drop/add period has ended, students cannot add courses and must officially withdraw from a class by the withdrawal deadline. Withdrawn courses will remain on a class schedule and appear on a student’s transcript with a grad of  W or WF. Withdrawn courses are not subject to a refund. Students are responsible for submitting the Schedule Adjustment (Withdrawal Request) form to the Office of the Registrar for processing by the withdrawal deadline.

Be sure to contact the financial aid office or the Business office prior to withdrawing from your course(s) as these changes may affect your financial aid award. Withdrawing from a course does not absolve you from paying tuition and fees associated with that particular course.

EGSC does not pro-rate the cost of any course a student withdraws from unless they withdraw from all courses for the semester by the Last Day to Withdraw without Academic Penalty. Students are invoiced for their tuition and fees through their EGSC Cat Mail Account by the Business Office. Remember - withdrawing from courses paid for through financial aid may have a negative impact on whether a student is making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and may make them ineligible for financial aid in future semesters.

Abandoning a course(s) instead of following official withdrawal procedures will result in a grade of 'F' in that course!

Courses such as learning support classes, student success and college preparatory classes are required courses; therefore, students are typically not approved to withdraw from these individual subjects. See the Registrar with questions.

Request for Hardship Withdrawals 

Refer to the Academic Calendar for withdrawal dates for each session

    • A Hardship Withdrawal refers to a withdrawal from all courses after the withdrawal deadline.
    • A Hardship withdrawal is intended for the student who has experienced an acute, traumatic event that prevents him/her from completing the semester after the official Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty has passed.
    • The Hardship Withdrawal is based on unusual or emergency circumstances that are non-academic in nature and beyond the student’s control.
    • A Hardship Withdrawal is not available as a remedy to address academic difficulties.
    • A Hardship Withdrawal Request is granted only when the special non-academic circumstances beyond the control of a student described above can be thoroughly documented. 
    • If approved, a grade of 'W' will be assigned. There will be no refund at this point.
    • Hardship Withdrawal Requests must be received prior to the last day of class for the term in question.
    • A student who knows that they are in such extreme circumstances that they cannot complete the term should file the Hardship Withdrawal Petition as soon as possible, prior to the end of classes for the term in question.
    • Hardship Withdrawal Requests will not be approved if the student has completed all course requirements such as a final examination and/or a final project.

Examples of invalid reasons for initiating a Hardship Withdrawal Request include but are not limited to:

    • Poor performance in one or more courses.
    • Registration for the wrong course.
    • Preference for a different professor or class section.
    • Failure to drop course during the drop/add period.
    • Failure to withdraw by the published deadline using normal procedures.

Students who are granted a hardship withdrawal do not receive refunds of expenditures for the semester for which the hardship was requested/approved.