Purpose and Functions

The goal of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention Committee is to help promote a safe and drug free environment at East Georgia State College. The purpose and functions of the committee are to

    1. determine the prevalence rates of alcohol use, drug use and violent behavior at EGSC; and
    2. make specific recommendations to the EGSC President for interventions that are evidence-based and measurable in an effort to decrease those rates.

Additionally, the committee coordinates, evaluates and ensures the institution's efforts related to alcohol, drug use and violence prevention are in compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.  


    • Chair, Director of Counseling and Disability Services;
    • Director of Housing;
    • Director of Public Safety;
    • Director of Student Conduct;
    • Director of Student Life;
    • Director of Athletics;
    • Director of Human Resources; and
    • One faculty member elected by the faculty.

Works of the Committee