Purpose and Functions

The purpose of the Animal Use and Care Committee (AUCA) is to review and evaluate scholarly research proposals involving animal subjects submitted by institutional principal investigators. The functions of the AUCA are to recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose, to review the research proposals, gather additional information as needed to properly consider such proposal, render decisions concerning the initial research proposal, review any changes to the proposal or protocol occurring after initial approval, and review the use and care of animals during the research term.


    • Chair, Biology Department Chair;
    • Business Affairs representative;
    • Director of Plant Operations or designee;
    • Faculty member from each academic school nominated by each school and elected by the faculty; and
    • One representative external to the institution, ex officio member.

Works of the Committee

The Animal Use and Care Committee meets on an “as needed basis” for approval of research projects.

      • Minutes - September 24, 2020
      • One project was approved in July 2015 entitled “Pilot surveillance of flea-borne pathogens in south-eastern United States”