Purpose & Functions

The purpose of the Textbook Purchasing Committee is to coordinate with all stakeholders, including members of the faculty and staff, the academic school, and the college libraries and bookstores, to reduce the cost of textbooks for students. The functions of the committee are to explore ways to more effectively use technology in place of textbooks, alternatives to traditional textbooks, Open Educational Resources (OER), and changes to textbook purchasing policies and procedures to lower the cost of student textbooks and course materials. The function of the committee is to recommend policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purpose.


    • Co-Chair, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs;
    • Co-chair, Library Director;
    • Faculty Member from Mathematics;
    • Faculty Member from Natural Sciences;
    • Faculty Member from Humanities;
    • Faculty Member from Social Sciences;
    • Administrative Assistant to Academics; and
    • Manager of EGSC Bookstore - ex officio

Works of the Committee: