Purpose and Functions

The purpose of the Campus Sustainability Committee is to research, implement and monitor sustainability practices that ensure careful use of our resources, including water, air, energy, biodiversity, soil, etc. to preserve adequate future supplies. The functions of the committee include educating and raising awareness of sustainability on campus, recruiting students and employees in all sustainability initiatives, and creating a culture of sustainability that guides the college in its future purchasing, expansion and development decisions. The function includes recommending policies and procedures as necessary and proper to accomplish its purposes.


    • Co-Chair, Dean, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences;
    • Co-Chair, Chair of Biology Department
    • Chief of Staff and Legal Counsel
    • Director of Dining Services;
    • Director of Plant Operations;
    • Art faculty elected by faculty of School of Humanities and Social Sciences;
    • Director of Housing;
    • Web Services Specialist;
    • Student Affairs representative;
    • Earth Club Advisor;
    • EGSC - Statesboro representative; and
    • EGSC - Augusta representative. 

More About Sustainability at EGSC

Works of the Committee: